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  • Light Infantry

    Class Stats
    Offense: 6
    Defense: 5
    Speed: 6
    Objective: 6
    Teamwork: 4
    Solo: 9
    Versatility: 9

    Playstyle: Aggressive
    Focus: Map Control & Gun Fighting

    Class Description

    Light Infantry are faster, more aggressive Infantry, they excel in offense tactics and are capable of providing pressure on any opposing team.  Light Infantry use aggressive tactics in gun fights, but need to be versatile enough to dig in and support a team fight.  Gear setups are generally an all-around weapon system focused on close to medium range with slightly increased speed and slightly reduced armor.  Light Infantry are known for their ability to maneuver around the map to get an advantage and excel in both team and solo play.


    Class Equipment - Weapons

    Versatile close to mid ranged weapons are the goal of most light infantry is to outflank and disrupt the opponents while still holding the frontline of the overall team.  This is the main reason that submachine guns have come to be the dominate light infantry weapon of choice, as they are usable at all ranges but generally excel in close to mid ranges.  Assault rifles are also a solid choice for light infantry as well due to the fact they are competitive with submachine guns at close to mid range and allow better mid-range gun fighting with can mean a lot during team focused goals and when being aggressive is not working.

    Primary Suggestions

    Submachine Guns:While extremely short-ranged submachine guns should be left to the specialized light infantry or even recon users, the medium and long-range ones can offer a light infantry player high versatility while increasing close range effectiveness on clustered maps.  Often nearly as versatile as assault rifles, submachine guns often better aggressive gun fighting and hip fire that can often be the deciding factor in a gun fight.

    Assault Rifles: As previously stated, these weapons pack a punch in a vast number of situations and are often considered to be the most versatile weapon available in nearly every shooter related game.  Feel free to select the one most comfortable for you, or the one that best fits the map you are playing, as assault rifles will rarely let you down in this role.

    Shotguns: Generally, shotguns are not advised for any light infantry based primary weapon due to their lack of versatility and extremely poor gun fighting ability at mid to long ranges.  However, thanks to games adding in high levels of customization and perks to wildly change how some weapons work, shotguns may be a usable solution on smaller maps and matches where being able to outflank and out maneuver the opponent is easy.  We highly advise selecting a shotgun that is better at mid to long ranges as your primary goal as the pointblank glass cannon style of guns hurt teamwork significantly.

    Secondary Suggestions

    Counter Weapons: Many teams (or pairs) are small and lack the option to have a dedicated anti-vehicle or anti-aircraft units.  Like infantry, light infantry often have a primary weapon that negates the need of a pistol or similar weapon in nearly every situation and therefore are able to open their secondary weapon slot for team use.  Packing a heat seeking missile on your back to counter a tank threat is more justifiable then going for the glory pistol elimination when the game is on the line.  Light infantry may also often find themselves to first to encounter an opponent's special vehicle or already be in position for critical hits when the team needs a heavy target removed.  Also, do not forget that being focused on using the maps and knowing lanes & locations makes mines a very deadly light infantry counter.

    Silenced Weapons: One of the key goals of light infantry is to outflank and disrupt the oppressing team during team fights.  It is not uncommon for a light infantry to find themselves in a vital position to devastate the oppressing team and remaining hidden during the first few eliminations can go a long way to both eliminate more players or ruin the game plan the opponents had.  Pistols are often an easy go to for this answer as they are a standard secondary weapon, but many games allow quite a bit of options in this field.


    Class Equipment - Other

    Light infantry need equipment to win map control, and eliminate opponents by starting out with the upper hand.  Selecting items that either enhance your ability to move around the map or reduce the opposing team’s ability to do same is an amazing way lock down key points and ruin the opponents front line support.  Although do not forget that you are pushing into or past frontline and will often be on the opponent's frontline and will need to win surprise gunfights or escape from collapsing situations using equipment.

    Grenades/Explosives: High damage, throw and forget style equipment (like frags, claymores, and timed explosives) are excellent choices as they allow supportive damage against opposing teams and allow defensive moves like denying a hallway push for a few seconds so you can escape your compromised location.  Disorientating style grenades can also be a highly effective support weapon as they are great at giving yourself an advantage in a team fight when a key flank works out.  Revealing/radar-based devices are an excellent item for light infantry as seeing where the opponents are provides a massive advantage in gunfights and objectives which is highly covenant when you can place those devices within the opponent's area.

    Armor: In games that allow editing armor, it is recommended to start with a medium to light weight or 40/60 (armor/speed) setup and adjust for your play style.  Remember, bulking up on armor is not the best solution as crawling behind your own team pushes is generally a poor way to outflank the other team.


    Class Use - Communication

    Light infantry are great at locating opponents and will often see events or power plays happening before the rest of your team engages in the fight.  However, it can be easily stated that using other teammate's communication is more important and being able to process callouts to position yourself properly for a counter play or aggressive push is a major key to success.  Working with your  team is both a great strategy prevent you team from walking into a poor situation and also a great strategy to prevent yourself from casually walking onto the other team.


    Class Use - Close Quarters

    Light Infantry should be excelling at close quarters, but always be wary of players using extremely high DPS zero range weapons.  While a SMG will give a light infantry player the advantage over most other play types in this range, it will do little to help getting melted instantly when you push too hard.  The key to this range is being aggressive enough to get into close quarters and therefore remove all the advantages most opponents have over you, but also be conservative enough to not over push or chase other players to a situation that is simply unwinnable for yourself.


    Class Use - Medium Range

    Medium range is often where many of your one-on-one gun fights will happen as it is generally where the engagement happens during team fights.  Wining these battles is very important to your team's over success as being in a flanking position and spending extra time to run around the map is not helpful if you end up losing your head-to-head gun fights anyway.  Remember that you might not have best weapon for this role, but your should be using your map skills to get the first hits on other players to overcome any shortfalls.  Light infantry should be starting gun fights art this range and not be surprised by them as that defeats the majority of your advantages and shows that your map utilization my need work.


    Class Use - Long Range

    Long range is not where light infantry should be excelling, but they should be able to compete and at least add to team fights at this range.  Survival is the goal in long ranged gun fights as you should be using your time to remove the distance and slowly place yourself at the advantage or at least make the support player engaging you fall back and therefore open up a lane for your team.

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