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Cold War - April 23, 2021 Patch Notes

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Welcome to Season Three! In our latest update, we’ve made some adjustments to the AK-74u, Patrol Grip Underbarrel, and Speedgrip Underbarrel to ensure that SMGs remain faster to sprint with than assault rifles by default.

In Zombies, we’ve also noted some of the new gameplay features in Outbreak this week, made some gameplay adjustments in Dead Ops Arcade 3, and implemented additional stability and Challenge fixes. See below for the full details in the patch notes.


Free Access returns to Black Ops Cold War for a limited time, now through 10AM PT April 28th! If you’ve been looking for your next chance to check out the best of Black Ops Multiplayer and dive back into Outbreak in Zombies for free, now’s your chance to squad up and jump in.

Visit your platform’s store and search for Free Access to download now, and drop into a selection of Multiplayer maps and modes, as well as the latest Season Three Outbreak content in Zombies. Free Access is available now on consoles and coming to PC later today.


We’re kicking off Season Three with a 2XP + 2WXP Weekend 10AM PT April 23rd-26th, so everyone can grab their new weapons and get on the grind all weekend long. Whether you’re leveling your Swiss K31 in the deserts of Diesel or maxing out the PPSh-41 against the horde in Outbreak, have fun out there in all the new content Season Three has to offer.

Here’s what’s new since our last update:



  • 2XP + 2WXP Weekend (April 23-26)
    • 2XP + 2WXP Weekend now live through 10AM PT April 23, featuring Double XP and Double Weapon XP in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.
  • Multiplayer & Outbreak Free Access (April 23-28)
    • Multiplayer & Outbreak Free Access available through 10AM PT April 28.
    • Download from your platform store and jump into a selection of Multiplayer maps, modes, and the latest Outbreak content in Zombies.



  • Addressed an issue where the player could see UI Error 95650 or 22241 when switching to the Weapons tab in the Multiplayer or Zombies menu while playing offline.
  • Addressed an issue where the player could see UI Error 61712 when entering the Campaign menu.
  • Addressed "Showcase Weapon" issues when equipping certain weapons.
  • Updated map description text for Yamantau and Diesel.



  • Added “Delete” option for Custom Mods.



  • Fixed a rare crash related to the destruction of vehicles.




  • Submachine Guns
    • AK-74u
      • Increased base sprint speed to align with other SMG sprint speeds.
      • Increased shooting move speed and reload sprint speed.
    • Attachments (All SMGs)
      • Patrol Grip Underbarrel
        • Slightly reduced sprint speed bonus for Patrol Grip Underbarrel for SMGs to match Pistol sprint speed.
  • Assault Rifles
    • QBZ-83
      • Attachments
        • Patrol Grip Underbarrel
          • Added a sprint to fire bonus for the Patrol Grip Underbarrel.
          • Slightly reduced the Patrol Grip sprint speed bonus.
  • Attachments (Assault Rifles, Tactical Rifles, Sniper Rifles)
    • Speedgrip Underbarrel
      • Slightly reduced sprint speed bonus for the Speedgrip Underbarrel on Assault Rifles, Tactical Rifles, and Sniper Rifles to ensure SMGs maintain a faster sprint speed when using the same attachment.

Developer’s note: The overall goal of these changes is to ensure that SMGs are faster to use than assault rifles by default. The AK-74u required some slight speed increases in order to bring it in-line with the rest of its class, and sprint speed bonuses for the Speedgrip Underbarrel on assault rifles, tactical rifles, and sniper rifles required an adjustment to ensure SMGs are faster to sprint with compared to these classes when using this attachment.



  • Reduced the time that it takes to transition out of a slide to a standing position.
  • Made adjustments to the delay when transitioning between crouch and stand.



  • Search & Destroy
    • Reduced volume of the audio stingers when a player is eliminated.




  • Gameplay
    • Ammo Mod and Aether Tool item drops can now be discovered in Outbreak.
    • Launchers can now lock onto Special and Elite enemies.
    • Added a new enemy that can drop a Ray Gun when killed. Keep an eye out for the pink mohawk...


Dead Ops Arcade 3

  • Gameplay
    • Addressed an error where split-screen players could get a “Game Over” screen after defeating the Mamaback.
    • Addressed an issue where enemies not dying after a failed Room of Judgment event could cause unwanted player deaths or game-overs.
  • Challenges
    • Addressed an issue where the “Full Arsenal” Challenge could not be completed after fully upgrading all seven weapons in a single match.



  • Added a crash fix related to Exfil.

Full Notes: https://www.treyarch.com/game-intel/2021/04/April_23_2021_Patch_Notes

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