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  1. First Person Shooters

    First-person shooters are the core of Uncrowned Gaming and the core of the shooter genre as a whole.  Series such as Call of Duty and Halo have engraved the genre into one of the most popular games ever played and eSport titles like Counter Strike have been essential to driving the competitive gaming world to where it is today.

  2. Third-Person Shooter

    Third-person shooters are wildly popular in the single player an RPG markets, but also make a solid stand to FPS games in multiplayer.  These games have enjoyed massive success under series like Gears of War and stories within games such as Mass Effect and Uncharted have collected huge followings.

  3. Turn-Based Tactical Shooters

    An often forgotten and overlooked genre (to the point the genre name itself is in question), turn-based tactic shooters are top down squad based shooters that have a heavy focus on preparation, teamwork, and tactics.  Many of these games are top-down, turn-based shooters like Wastelands and XCOM but they can come in many forms.

  4. eSports

    This area is dedicated for first and third person shooter faced eSports and the League's that are associated with those titles.  Find upcoming events and tournaments along with current standings and other databases based on the League's of these games.  Feel free to talk about the recent press releases and other eSport sport-related news within these forums.

  5. Matchmaking

    Shooters are definitely better as a group and sometimes your friends is simply are not available to play when you are.  Feel free to ask around to find other members of the legion to join your team or maybe even set up entire custom games with your fellow legion members.

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  6. Shooter Discussions

    If it is not dedicated to a single game or is simply a general topic about Shooters as a whole it probably belongs in this forum.  Feel free to compare shooter to each other or simply discuss what one is the best in a particular genre or situation.  This is also a great area to discover new games that you were unfamiliar with by asking your fellow community members about what ones are best for certain playstyles.

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