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    1. Class Discussions

      Engage in discussions about becoming the best player in your game using the play-style that you enjoy most!  Help others learn that winning in games is not about copying the last tournament winner, but it requires mastering your own game-play.  No matter if your enjoy winning head to head gunfights as Infantry or supporting your team as Heavy Infantry, we have you covered.  Don't forget to check out our main guide section here for numerous resourceful guides and articles to perfect your style of gaming. 

    2. Gaming Resources

      Map data, gun stats, perk traits, and so information is the key to creating the most overkill class or underhanded tactic.  This forum is where players can share their findings or official details from games to aid others in their success.

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  2. Shooter Center

    1. First Person Shooters

      First-person shooters are the core of Uncrowned Gaming and the core of the shooter genre as a whole.  Series such as Call of Duty and Halo have engraved the genre into one of the most popular games ever played and eSport titles like Counter Strike have been essential to driving the competitive gaming world to where it is today.

    2. Third-Person Shooter

      Third-person shooters are wildly popular in the single player an RPG markets, but also make a solid stand to FPS games in multiplayer.  These games have enjoyed massive success under series like Gears of War and stories within games such as Mass Effect and Uncharted have collected huge followings.

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    3. Real-Time Tactical Shooters

      An often forgotten and overlooked genre (to the point the genre name itself is in question), real-time tactic shooters are top down squad based shooters that have a heavy focus on preparation, teamwork, and tactics.  Many of these games are top-down, turn-based shooters like Wastelands and XiCOM but they can come in many forums.

    4. eSports

      This area is dedicated for first and third person shooter faced eSports and the League's that are associated with those titles.  Find upcoming events and tournaments along with current standings and other databases based on the League's of these games.  Feel free to talk about the recent press releases and other eSport sport-related news within these forums.

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    5. Matchmaking

      Shooters are definitely better as a group and sometimes your friends is simply are not available to play when you are.  Feel free to ask around to find other members of the legion to join your team or maybe even set up entire custom games with your fellow legion members.

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    6. Shooter Discussions

      If it is not dedicated to a single game or is simply a general topic about Shooters as a whole it probably belongs in this forum.  Feel free to compare shooter to each other or simply discuss what one is the best in a particular genre or situation.  This is also a great area to discover new games that you were unfamiliar with by asking your fellow community members about what ones are best for certain playstyles.

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    1. Gaming News & Upcoming Releases

      Upcoming game news, confirmed release dates, or simply a major sale of a current game can all be shared here!  The best way to get your favorite game going is to help promote the sales that gain players.

    2. Gaming Rigs

      Share those gaming rigs and setups with us or even ask a few questions on getting it all setup!

    3. Gaming Discussion

      Want to post about gaming but just can’t seem to find the right spot?  Then our gaming discussion forum is most likely your best option!  Anything that doesn’t fall into other sections and that doesn’t break our Terms of Use can be posted here.

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  4. Information Center

    1. News & Announcements

      All Uncrowned news and events will be posted here to keep our community informed and involved!  This section shares news from all Uncrowned websites and will link to there local discussion topic.  We urge all users to check back with this forum every now and then to stay up-to-date with all the great news about our empire!

    2. Introductions

      Introduce yourself to our community and say hello to the rest of the Uncrowned Legion!!

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    • Mother's Day is a holiday that honors motherhood and is celebrated in numerous different formats and on different days around the world. In the United States, Mother's Day is a single day event where children will often present their mother with flowers and other gifts of appreciation. The holiday has also been known to be associated with numerous women's rights activist movement in recent history. The earliest accounts of a holiday or celebration of motherhood can be traced to the ancient Greeks and Romans who often held festivals in honor of the mother goddesses Cybele and Rhea. However, when it comes to the actual traditions of modern-day Mother's Day, it is often associated with the early Christian festival known as Mothering Sunday. Mothering Sunday was once a major tradition in Europe, primarily the United Kingdom, and fell on the 4th Sunday during Lent. The tradition was based around faithful Christians returning to their “mother church” (the main church around their home) for a special service provided at the church. This tradition slowly transitioned into a holiday where children would present their actual mothers with flowers and other gifts. Mothering Sunday slowly fell out of popularity and eventually merged with the American Mother's Day in the 1930s. In the United states Mother's Day got its start from clubs called Mother's Day Work Clubs that taught local women childcare and other motherly skills. These clubs became a unifying force during the civil war and in 1868 Ann Reeves Jarvis organized Mother’s Friendship Day which mothers of both union and Confederate soldiers gathered to promote reconciliation. In the late 1800s numerous movements and celebrations began appearing to celebrate motherhood and even world peace, like Mother's Peace Day. In the early 1990s Anna Jarvis, the daughter of Ann Reeves Jarvis, conceived Mother’s Day after the death of her mother as a way for children to honor the sacrifices their mothers make. The first Mother's Day celebration was in May of 1908 funded by a Philadelphia department store owner John Wanamaker and took place as a celebration at the Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia.  During that day thousands of people also attended a special Mother's Day event at one of Wanamaker’s retail stores in Philadelphia. Following the success of the first Mother's Day celebration Jarvis committed her life to getting the holiday added to the national calendar. Her argument was that American holidays were biased towards male achievements and as early as 1912 many states and local areas had adapted Mother’s Day as an annual holiday. In 1914 president Woodrow Wilson officially signed Mother's Day as a national holiday on the 2nd Sunday in May. After it became a national holiday, Jarvis began to protest the commercialization of the holiday in the 1920s when commercialization of flowers and other gifts seemed to outweigh the original celebration of motherhood. By the time of her death in 1948 Jarvis had disowned the holiday altogether after years of actively lobbying the government to remove it from the national calendar. View the full article
    • If you had to choose one?  What would it be?   For me it would have to be Gears 5!  I love playing this with my friends trying to stop the horde.
    • Full Patch Notes: https://www.treyarch.com/game-intel/2021/05/May_6_2021_Patch_Notes
    • Cinco de Mayo, or translated as the Fifth of May, is the Mexican holiday that celebrates the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla during Franco-Mexican war.  The day is sometimes referred to as Battle of Puebla Day and always falls on the 5th day of May.  Cinco de Mayo is often referred to in the United States as Mexican Independence Day, but this is an incorrect reference as it is a minor holiday in Mexico and is the celebration of a single battle. Mexican Independence Day, or Día de la Independencia, is celebrated on September 16th as the commemoration of Mexico’s declaration of war against the Spanish government in 1810. The Franco-Mexican war was a joint military response by France, Britain, and Spain who sent military forces to Veracruz, Mexico demanding repayment of loans and other finances due to Mexico’s ongoing financial troubles and defaulting on recent payments. Britain and Spain never engaged in military combat due to negotiations with the Mexican government, however, France decided to use the opportunity to expand their empire into the Mexican owned territory. The Battle of Puebla was a final stand made by a ragtag Mexican military force that was vastly outnumbered and underequipped to face the French army but managed to hold the line against the French invasion. After this battle The United States, who was finally recovering from the Civil War, began to apply political pressure to the French and support for the Mexican military causing the French forces to withdraw. While in Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is primarily observed in the state of Puebla, where the victory had occurred, the United States began celebrating the holiday around the 1960s as a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage within the United States. Since the 1960s Cinco de Mayo has rapidly grown in popularity within the United States with numerous festivals and events celebrating Mexican traditions and culture within the nation. While the holiday is still officially the commemoration of a victory in a military battle, it is widely regarded has a cultural celebration in modern times here in the United States. Many people connect this holiday with the association of Mexican traditions due to the high number of indigenous Mexicans that fought in the Battle of Puebla. View the full article
    • The latest update provided by 343 Industries (Inside Infinite - April 2021) about the development of the upcoming Halo Infinite game has a heavy take on the PC gaming side and just about everything in the article is extremely promising news for the title. The update starts out with an absolute amazing screenshot of a Forerunner facility utilizing an ultrawide display and the team follows up that already exciting news with a detailed look of numerous aspect ratios and the benefits I have just how optimized the game is supposed to be for ultrawide displays on PC. On top of the ultrawide settings, the team also reveals some screenshots detailing the field of view settings and how much they can be increased on high powered PC's. I must admit that 120 FOV on a 32:9 display looks fantastic at this point.  Additionally, to the surprise of many, the game is also optimized to run at a 4:3 aspect ratio if players are looking for the classic Halo franchise experience. Graphical settings for the PC version of the game got a sneak peek via a screenshot that show numerous settings and adjustments available to the players. These were also accompanied by very robust keymapping settings menu for multiple input devices. The team did not get into much detail on what settings will also be available on the Xbox version, but PC players will certainly be able to customize the game as they see fit. Cross platform multiplayer was also detailed in this update with the team stating that they are focusing on making the cross-platform experience as enjoyable as possible. Input based matchmaking seems to be the favor of both the players and the development team, and my personal preference for cross platform matchmaking, so that is an incredibly good sign as a PC player looking to play with their Xbox based friends. However, the update does have a little worrisome notation in it that states input based restrictions are for ranked matches. This is worrisome for me personally as I have yet to really find a game that perfectly balances controllers and mouse and keyboard users within the same lobby. Hopefully, the input-based restrictions will be for all multiplayer matches by the final release, beyond co-op modes. Older and less powerful PCs were also mentioned as the team noted that they have taken a significant effort in trying to balance gameplay between high spec PC's and low performance PC's during multiplayer. This was also followed up by some screenshots of the Halo Infinite world and Forerunner sites that look amazing. Halo news based YouTuber HiddenXperia has pointed out that these screenshots do contain graphical problems such as units clipping into walls, so hopefully he is correct in the assumption that these issues will be fixed by the full release of the game. Otherwise, the team has listed the currently planned platforms the game will launch on being Steam, Xbox Store on PC, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass for PC, and of course through the Xbox Store or in a box on the shelf for the console version.
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