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  • Our Mission Statement

    Uncrowned Gaming provides free, community driven, online resources for advancement, development, growth and improvement of our user's shooter genre game focused activities.

    About Us

    Uncrowned Gaming is owned and operated by Uncrowned Empire, LLC to provide a free to use gaming based community for everyone to use.  Our community is focused on provided gaming guides and resources for FPS, Third Person Shooters, and other shooter based games for both eSports players and causal players.  We will always offer a free to use community and refuse to lock content behind paywalls. 

    Our communities are designed to be a friendly and resourceful place for all of our users.  Uncrowned Gaming's staff team hopes that our users can find our website as a central point for their gaming needs.

    The Uncrowned Legion

    The Uncrowned Legion is the name we give to our registered users.  While it can easily be assumed that this name is merely a marketing term for our communities, our staff team completely disagrees with this.  Our Uncrowned Legion is more then just a "registered user" or "member" of our community, the Uncrowned Legion is the heart and soul that drives our communities forward.  Most websites don't want their user's to realize that they control the fate of the site, but we are proud of the fact that our users got us to where we are today!  There are no purchasable ranks or titles within the Legion, just hard earned, content based, achievements as the Legion contributes to the growth of it's own members and out community as a whole.

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